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Have you heard of the peel off makeup trend yet? I’ve seen peel off lipstick and eye brow products. Pretty intriguing… I had way too much fun trying these out. The first time that I tried it was a disaster. It ended up all over my teeth, gums and tongue. Seriously, I looked like a UFC fighter! It took about 3 tries to get the hang of applying these. It’s not the kind of product that you want to make a mistake with because it is a stain and a good one for that matter! These are called Wow! Long Lasting Lip Color from Romantic Bear.


The problem with these is that it doesn’t spread far so you have to use a lot of the product to cover your lips. It’s also nearly impossible to get a nice clean line as you can see in the photo below.

image (5)

Once you get it where you want it DO NOT try to spread it around because it will peel away and become a sticky mess. I recommend leaving your mouth open until it dries or it will get on your teeth. Luckily it doesn’t stain your teeth so just wipe if off if that does happen. Wait about 10 minutes until it’s no longer wet and start peeling! There is something weirdly satisfying about peeling it off. No? Just me? Anyway, I love the finished result of these. It leaves you with the “I just ate a popsicle” look and truly does last all day! Big thumbs up!

image (6)




You can find these here:



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The Worst Liquid Lipstick | Cheap Liquid Lipstick


I am filled with sadness as I type this post. Dramatic much? But really though, I had high hopes for these lipsticks. I am on a liquid lipstick kick and it’s getting expensive so when I saw these on eBay I did a happy dance then waited with baited breath until they were in my mailbox. I paid $4.96 for a pack of 6. Amazing price! You know what they say though, “If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.” I don’t know who said that but they were right.


At first impression these seem like a winner because they swatch beautifully. The tube says that this is a lip gloss which confused me because it dried matte but stayed VERY sticky. So sticky that after 10 minutes of wearing it I touched my fingers to my lips and it literally peeled the product right off of my lips! Such a shame.

image (4)

My 4 year old daughter is having a good time playing with these though because she can just pick it off when she gets tired of wearing it. Silver lining!! I only recommend these for photos. We all love taking a good Instagram picture right? You could apply this, take a hot fire photo and then just let it flake right off. If you’re not an avid instagrammer then save your $5 and get a Big Mac instead. Now I’m hungry….. Talk to you guys soon!




You can find them here:


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Gerard Cosmetics Haul and Swatches


Nothing makes me happier than seeing a flash sale notification so when I saw Gerard Cosmetics Instagram post about their 24 hour flash sale I immediately took advantage. I already owned the Serenity hydra matte liquid lipstick and was eager to try more colors. This is a sticky formula but it is not drying. I love the packaging although if you toss it in your bag it will scratch up easily. I was so disappointed that 2 of the shades that I bought looked almost identical.

gerard swatches
Shades from left to right:
Everything nice, Cher, 1995, Ballet slippers, Shimmer of Hope and Nude

I was hesitant to order the lip glosses because I can’t handle wearing a sticky lip gloss. It’s hard to find an affordable non sticky lip gloss. These actually felt great! I’m happy with the colors that I choose because they look very subtle and natural.

Overall I’m happy with my purchase. The order shipped fast and was beautifully presented in the box. You can find these at If you are not following them on instagram you should start now so you can see when they are having more 50% off sales. Which shade is your favorite? Comment below!




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Summer Beauty Essentials |2016

Summer is right around the corner! With a new season comes swapping out your everyday makeup products with the next seasons necessary goodies. My ideal makeup in the summer is simple and light with a lot of SPF. I don’t care how young you are, PROTECT YOUR SKIN NOW! Seriously, you’ll regret it later if you don’t. Here are the few items that I recommend to get you through the summer!


Please protect your skin with a good amount of SPF! I like to have as few steps as possible in my morning routine during the summer so a BB cream with SPF is perfect. The Clinique BB cream gives good coverage but will still let your beautiful freckles shine through. Did you know that girls are drawing on freckles nowadays? It’s hard work keeping up with these trends!


Put away your powder blushes and opt for this nourishing cheek stain from tarte instead. It’s so simple to apply that you don’t even need a brush. Just dot it on your cheeks and blend with your fingers. It will give you that perfect flushed look and the packaging is adorable. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.


I personally don’t like to fuss with eye makeup that will just melt off during the hot months so I just stick with a simple waterproof mascara. This one from Clinique is perfect for a swim or sweating it out on the beach!


I don’t know about you but my lips are always the first to get sun burnt. I think it’s just as important to protect your lips from the sun as you would any other part of your body. I like to skip the lipstick and go with a tinted lip treatment that has SPF in it. The Sugar range from Fresh is perfect for the summer. It protects your lips, keeps them moisturized and gives a hint of color!

What are your go-to summer beauty products? Comment below!


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Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick |Lancome Juicy Shaker Review

I am so excited to write this post today! I showed these two products on my Sephora Haul video and told you I would let you know what I thought about the Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick and the Lancome Juicy Shaker. I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS! These are makeup gold!

PicMonkey Collage 123

Let’s start with Too Faced. Too Faced is one of my favorite cosmetic brands. I always expect great quality and adorable packaging from them. I have a few matte liquid lipsticks but none compare to the comfort of this one. I’m used to this type of lipstick feeling really drying and flaking after a few hours. This is an exception. It is so comfortable to wear and really does last all day unless you eat something greasy. I had to use coconut oil to remove this at the end of the night. It’s amazing! Go get you some! The shade that I am showing is called Sell Out.


PicMonkey Collage

Now for Lancome, dry lip ladies rejoice! This is a life saver! It’s basically lip balm on steroids. This made my lips pillowy soft and gave just a hint of color. I wore this to my daughters soccer practice yesterday. It was very cold and windy out. Normally my lips start to crack and bleed in that kind of weather but afterword they were still soft and smooth. This is not very pigmented. It gives that perfect “I just ate a popsicle” look. I highly recommend this for a no-makeup makeup look or for low maintenance ladies. I got this in the shade Vanilla Pop which has now been changed to Warm Vanilla Frosting. I am about to run out the door. We’re going house hunting today! Wish us luck! Talk to you guys soon.



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My Favorite Mac Lipsticks



Hey everyone! Today’s post is about my favorite Mac lipsticks. I used to lust over Mac lipsticks. They were my dream lipsticks. There is something about owning these that makes me feel so special. I think only makeup lovers will be able to relate to that. Back when I was first dipping my toes into the makeup world I never imagined that I would own one of these because in my eyes they were expensive. I was only using the cheap inexpensive Revlon lipsticks in the black tubes at the time. I still love those but they don’t compare to the quality of Mac. I live in the middle of Minnesota, literally, so I don’t have easy access to a Mac store. I had to order mine online from Nordstrom and my goodness that website is overwhelming! They have so much to choose fro  m. I wasn’t sure where to start so I of course watched about 100 YouTube videos to find the perfect shades and finishes. I’ve actually given a few of my Mac lipsticks to family because the shades didn’t work out for my skin tone. I’m not one to hoard makeup so I’m always happy to share. My collection may seem small compared to other beauty bloggers but I actually reach for these all of the time. image[2]

These 5 are my go-to lipsticks! They are so comfortable to wear and last a long time on the lips. I also love the signature Mac lipstick smell. What are some of your favorites? Comment below!



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